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MONSTER: traduzione italiana

juniji wo sukoshi sugiru koro
manca poco allo scoccare della mezzanotte
oh no! 残酷な monster
oh no! zankokuna monster
oh no! un mostro feroce
tsuki akari kusaki nemuru koro
con la luce della luna nel cuore della notte
oh no! 甦る
oh no! yomigaeru
oh no! torna in vita
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This is my first time doing Glee icons!
Well, I loved the first half of the season, the first episode this spring was good, but the second episode wiped me away! Loved every second of it. And of course the masterpiece was Jane Lynch's Vogue, I couldn't believe my eyes! As a result, I had the urge to make some icons, you people enjoy!

if you take, link back to umeboshicons !


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TBBT icons

And again, mostly Sheldon icons. It's not my fault, I just ADORE Jim Parsons!
icon #11 is dedicated to my friend Ki-chan! Don't give up!
icons #18 and #19 are a a request from parking_lott 
icon #20 is a spoiler from next episode. I know somebody already made it, but I couldn't resist...
(if you take something, please link back to [info]umeboshicons )

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Troublemaker promo

I can't wait to see the whole thing... remember, next Wednesday, twit #troublemaker!

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Sheldon & Penny: Happy Valentine!

The most romantic day is here, and my sister has already baked a cheesecake for her boyfriend. Me, I spent the week with my beloved photoshop, because, when one is single, that's when the shippers' love come in! I'm not a professional, and honestly I'm not happy at all with some of my works, but I'm still uploading everything, hope you people enjoy!
I'll let Penny say it:
Penny Valentine

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The Bazinga Ball Pit

Looks like everybody in the world LOVED the ball pit scene... My #9 icon was a succes, and I did that half-heartedly, because I really, really had enough bazingas! in season 3 to last forever. But since everybody asked, I've made the gifs too. At least, JP looks like he's really having fun... again, oh, Jim Parsons...! Feel free to snag!

1    2
3    4
5    6

+1 bunus icon (Jim was too cute!!!)