umeboshi sho 2

Happy Birthday Mister Sakurai!

Of course, of course, I couldn't help but use THE photoshoot. Thank you, unknow AnAn person who decided to do this!! I wish I could do more, why does Sho's birtdhday always happens during my exams???

So, a wallpaper, not so good but didn't have time to redo it!


AND a bonus icon, enjoy!

credits to suoncom
umeboshi sho 2

Ohno's Birthday Post

Omedetou, captain! This is the last year before your 30s... I think I'm in denial.
Here there are wallies to celebrate, one for every year he spent as Arashi member.
p.s. I can't believe I actually finished this post the day AFTER O-chan's birtday... it's not my fault minna, my internet key just won't collaborate... I'm finishing this on my bro's pc...!


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